Saturday, June 8, 2013

Received my payment

Hi there friends!

I received my withdrawal I requested yesterday. I don't know what is going to happen with TriDeci. As for now it seems we need to restart from zero again purchasing new DC Units to start earning again. I'm not going to do this as TriDeci has already taken all the funds I was willing to put into this. I've been only able to withdraw $40 from it an won't be able to reach another payout limit without active DC Units... Will have to wait and see what is going to happen with all the DC Units I have on Hold...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

TriDeci Update for 06.06.13

Hi there friends!

I just received this email from the TriDeci Admin. Looks like we need to start all over again with our work and money. All active DC Units we had are on Hold. These DC Units won't be earning for now. Please read the update:
Ok. So there we were. What a shocker its been these last 3 weeks.

Right, I am sure you all know by now that about two weeks ago, just after we completed our security upgrade, Liberty Reserve was closed down suddenly and without warning, taking with it the greater part of our stored funds. No point in rehashing the official stated reasons here, if you need further details, please google it. Makes for very interesting reading.

Right now, we are pretty damn certain those funds are lost with no hope of recovery which leaves us in the predicament we find ourselves today.

OK. So I am going to explain the following two very pertinent facts again one more time, and please, for Petes sake PAY BLOODY ATTENTION this time!


We are an AFFILIATE MARKETING program which pays rewards through a hybrid MLM / Revenue Share type compensation Plan.

We make sales, which generate profits, and we display advertising, which we get paid for. These generate income which is distributed back to our affiliates based on the number and type of the relevant compensation plan structures they have qualified for, be it DCUs, Cyclers or RCM postions.

At no time do we, or have we or ever will, take in investments or deposits and we do not guarantee any type of fixed return. Got it! All our payments are performance based!

Second. And this is direct result of the first. And really take note here people!

The compensation plan, what we call the Daily Income System, ie DCUs Cyclers and RCM, IS NOT WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

The PRODUCT is what you pay for!

And in this case our product is advertising, namely ad credits, to use on our ad network so you can advertise your text, banner and surf ads.

Thus when you make a purchase on our site, you receive a product in return, ad credits, even on the 30 Day Member Services Packages, and this is the only guarantee ever given, delivery of that product to your account.

And thus as its a purchase of a bonafide product, it must only ever be termed as a business expense, or capital outlay. I am fed up with people referring to it as an investment or deposit. It is NOT an investment! Get it straight!

And also this means the compensation plan, however dependent, is separated from your product purchases.

We only offer to you, our Affiliates, as an incentive and reward for making such purchases, the chance to participate in the compensation plan by issuing DCUs, Cycler positions and your RCM position, when you have made enough qualifying purchases.

We do not guarantee any earnings from this. We do not pay at a fixed rate unless specifically stated, in fact we have always stated our commission rates are variable. We do not even guarantee that the compensation plan will remain in play for any specified period of time.

And this is specifically stated in both our Earnings Disclaimer and the Terms of Use attached to the website, which by the way apply to you.

What!! You have not read them? You should have, because you agreed to them when you signed up, every time you make a purchase, and every time you log in!

And that not just us folks, its virtually industry standard. Go and read the T&Cs of any worthwhile opportunity out there and you will find much the same thing. We are not just suddenly springing this on you, the T&Cs define our contract with you, and yours and our obligations, and they have been there since the very beginning.

So why the rant?

OK. LR's departure, to put it mildly has put us under enormous pressure, and it has wiped out our entire profit pool, ie the one we pay daily commissions from.

As previously stated, we have enough to cover all other obligations such as cash account balances which means any possible withdrawals, and immediate cycle payouts to name the two most important.

But daily commissions would no longer be able to be paid, at least not at a rate to be worthwhile.

Thus we have now have two options.

1. Shut the Daily Income Plan down and pay out all Cash Account balances and we can all go our own ways.


2. Try and figure another way out of this.

Now as I have just explained above, we could easily take the first option and we would still be well within our rights to do so. We would leave the site open so you could place your ads and use up the credits you purchased and thus we would have fulfilled our obligations.

But that would be too easy. And honestly, it would ruin the plans of a lot of members who put time and effort into promoting Trideci to make it a part of their online activities and income generation. Many of whom I have come to know and understand over the last 5 or so years.

Secondly, we put a lot of resources into this, and it was potentially a very profitable business unit and we would hate to see all that go to waste.

Also, in the 3 months prior, we gathered a lot of what you might call business intelligence, ie statistics on how the site was running, cash flows, bottlenecks, etc. We have had a chance to analyse that and see what we can improve and work on, and if we can recover what has been lost.

So. We think we can.

But. Its going to take your support.

Otherwise. We may as well take Option 1 above.

So. This is our proposal and this is the basis on which we are now operating. We have set a few a targets to allow us to measure the results, and if we hit those targets, we should all be good to go. Here goes.

Trideci Number 1 Plan of Action. Objective - Rebuild the Profit Pool so we can reopen and pay all DCUs as before.

If we can get the pool back up to what it was before LR's takedown. Do this and all else will fall into place. Then the effects of the restart will be minimal and we wont have to convert many DCU's to cyclers.

So, these are these steps we are taking to achieve this. You need to help out and follow.

1. We are doing a restart. But not today. We will do this in approx 30 days, around July 4th. No particular reason for why we picked that date but we think it will be a low activity period.

Thus we have put ALL Daily Commission Units activated before our reopening, on HOLD. This does not mean you have lost their potential earnings. They are just not earning any Daily Commissions as of right now.

This does not apply to any new units activated from now on. Additionally, all new DCU's will not be included in the restart, ONLY those on HOLD.

2. We have reduced the Daily Commission rate to exactly half of what it was previous. And it wont go above this until the restart is completed.

As stated on the Plan, the Daily Commission rate is variable, but we are capping it for now to build that Pool up faster. After the restart, we will re-evaluate the rate and see if it is sustainable at our previous levels.

To allow for the reduced rate, we have increased the expiry dates to 150 Days. Even at the reduced commissions, you should have no problems reaching the target well before time, even if you do miss a few days surfing.

3. For new DCUs the Nominal Target is reduced, to $15.00 for A's, $50.00 for B's and $200.00 for C's. This will continue from here on regardless. This will make the new DCU part far more sustainable, while still providing reward.

Our calcs would suggest a period of 1 year to 18 months before any type of compression and/or restart is necessary if we combined 3. and 2. above based on the 3 months the site has been operational.

Which means if you are up for it, you can go ahead and activate new DCUs as if it were the first day we opened and now with hindsight, seeing the sort of income generated by those who applied themselves in the last 3 months, even at the reduced rates, you would be a fool not to give it a go.

Now. Thats not all. We probably wont achieve our target in 30 days if we just do those 3 things above.

So. We will be releasing a several new programs/sites shortly. We have plans for two Cyclers, plus one or two hybrid MLM / Revenue Shares like TriDeci but highly simplified.

These were planned for later this year, but under the circumstances, we thought best to bring them forward and keep TriDeci on top.

You will be offered first signup rights as members of TriDeci, and profits from these will contribute to rebuilding the Pool. So please look out for our notifications of when they are open for sign ups, first should be this weekend.

So. Choice is up to you.

Withdrawals are opened, if somewhat restricted, but that will be re-evaluated in few days or so. They are being processed so you can see we mean business.

We do think this is a great opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons and we would much rather see you commit some of your back-office funds to TriDeci purchases rather than taking them and running, but its your choice.

We'll leave it to you to show us your confidence, and we will issue another update soon.


TriDeci Admin.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

TriDeci open again

Hi friends.

Just logged into my account and found this update from the TriDeci admin:
Good Day Folks,
OK. We are open again. We do have some minor adjustments to make and we will be concentrating on those for a short while.
Otherwise. Everything is functioning. You can purchase ads, surf for commissions and make withdrawals, so please go ahead and do so.
Shortly we will issue an update on what the changes are and what our plan of action is.
We are back! Enjoy!


TriDeci Admin.
That's great! The only problem I see is that on the dashboard it says that I have no active DC Units!! I clicked on "Income Center" to find out that all my DC Units are on "Hold". I don't see this as "Everything is functioning". So why do I need to surf for commissions if I have no DC Units
I hope this will be corrected as soon as possible. I'm waiting for the next update to understand what is going on...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TriDeci back in 23 GMT today?

Hi there!

I tried to log into my TriDeci account just a minute ago to find this message on the main site:
We have some final system checks and test to carry out!
Logins will be opened later today, latest 10-11 PM GMT, today Tues 4 Jun.
You will be able to purchase ads, surf for commissions and and make withdrawals.
We will advise you all by way of an email update when we are open, so no need to check back every hour.
Thank you so much for your patience. Looking forward to getting back to business.
The TriDeci Admin Team.
I hope this is the final check and then the site should be fully operational :)
Hope for the best!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Maybe on Monday...

Hey friends!

Just logged into my TriDeci account and read this new update:
Good Day Folks,

As most of you are probably aware, one of the major payment processors we use has been shut down, without warning and without return of our funds which they held.

As they were by far our highest usage payment system, this has seriously affected our ability to smoothly resume operations after our recent security update.

We have been formulating a plan of action and expect that by Monday we will have finalized the finer details and will be able to get under way again.

So please be patient, we are working on it and we do believe we have a reasonable solution to allow us to continue.

Until then, everything will remain suspended in the state it currently is.


TriDeci Admin.
Fingers Crossed!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Update regarding Liberty Reserve

Hi there friends!

As expected the closing down of Liberty Reserve will carry "problems" to many opportunities out there. Here is the last update from TriDeci I just read.

Liberty Reserve closure and its effects.

OK Folks, just as we were about to get back to business, this little spanner gets thrown in the works.

As most of you appear to be aware, one of the major payment processors we use, Liberty Reserve, is no longer accessible via the internet or other means.

As this type of behaviour for them has been a regular occurrence it was not of much concern until at least 48 hours after they went offline, especially as it occurred near-to and over the weekend.

However judging by various reports in the media, including some on reputable websites such as the BBC News website, this is apparently far more serious than just one of their usual extended maintenance shutdowns.

This time it actually appears they really have ceased operations, whether by their own hands, by hackers, or as reported, they have been forced to do so by law enforcement authorities.

If these reports are true, then yes, we are going to be substantially affected as they were by volume, our highest used payment processor and also held a significant part of our funds.

But, before everyone jumps to conclusions and runs around spouting the worst, please take note of the following:

1. We still have substantial funds holdings in the other processors we use.

2. Its still not 100% certain they are gone despite the media reports. And as its still less than a week, we are not going to make any drastic decisions right now even if it is true.

3. Even if they are gone, that doesn't mean we are going to go too!

That being said, we must be extremely cautious and until further information may come to light, we are going to remain in the state we are for the time being, and will issue another update in the next 48 - 72 hours.

So please note, until we have enough further info to make a decision:

Surfing and Daily Income System is on hold until further notice.
Cash outs will resume shortly once your 72 hour password change restriction has expired(That is if you have logged in and changed your password).

All Member Service Packages and also DCUs are on hold, ie they will not expire. This will be held until we have made a decision on what is the best course of action.

Cycler system is on hold for now as well.

Also. Please! DO NOT send in a support request ticket unless it really is truly and absolutely neccessary! Any tickets sent in now that do not provide the secret to life and the universe WILL be placed on hold!

So please be patient. Let us work through this in a calm and intelligent manner. Panicking is not going to help anyone!


TriDeci Admin.

So I hope the site is back up and running as soon as possible :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

TriDeci finally open :)

Hi there!
Today finally TriDeci re-opened the site even though it is not totally funcional:
Earnings are not working yet and as we have not surfed any sites we have also not earned a dime. Unfortunately the membership has continued and mine was about to expire. As I do not want to put any more money out of my pocket online I decided to cancel my pending withdrawal to have funds to pay for my upgrade. I also wanted to purchase new DC Units but this feature is not yet available. Here is tue email:
TriDeci Members Update - What happened.
OK. So about 10 days ago we experienced an attack on the login system. An unidentified person was using an automated script to test combinations of usernames and basic passwords to try and gain access to user accounts. In several cases this person was successful and was then able to take over the user accounts and then use a similar script to guess the Security PIN. Thus they were able to change cashout destinations and make a withdrawal, a number of which were paid.
Here's our beef. There were 9 compromised accounts. In all cases the compromised accounts used 123456 as their password, or used their own username as their password. Seriously?
So we did a test of our own and tested all login passwords for 123456 and also their username. Guess what. We found that over 2000 other accounts were using these as well.
This is the most basic security error anyone can make in this day and age. Come on folks, its 2013! For all intensive purposes the internet is 25 years or more old and the number one rule about online security is - Use a proper password! Not doing so is like leaving your front door wide open!
So we shut down the system, and have reworked the login system to stop people using dumb passwords. We have issued a reset notice for everyone. All passwords must be changed, and passwords now have to have at least one Uppercase, one lowercase letter, and one number.
Now, we have thoroughly checked the logs, and we are certain that only those 9 accounts were compromised and had details changed. They have all been reset and any payments made will be refunded.
We are absolutely certain that our backend systems were not compromised, the database was not hacked and our system is still secure.
But we are implementing some additional rules, to guard against this in future.
1. In addition to the password requirements above, whenever your password or PIN is changed withdrawals are blocked for 72 hours.
2. Three failures entering your password or PIN will get you locked out for ten minutes. 7 or more fails and you will be permanently locked out and your IP address blocked. If you are the real account owner, this will not prseent a problem for you, only an attacker.
3.Your browser/ip address/country will be checked. Any changes to these and you will need to confirm it via a link sent to your email address.
Now 1 and 2 are already done, but 3 will be implemented in due course as we first need to check you all are actually receiving emails, thus we will soon ask you all to re-verify your default email address.
OK so far. Whats going to happen now.
Firstly, any outstanding withdrawals will be returned to your account. Once you have reset your password, there will be a 72 hour wait before you can issue another request.
Second. A number of your 30 Day upgrades expired while we were on hold. We have placed the commission system on hold now until Sunday Midnight GMT 26 May to allow you time to renew your upgrade (If you wish). Once this hold expires we will add 2 weeks to all upgraded members to allow for the missed days, so make sure you are upgraded before Sunday.
Third. Daily Commissions and surfing are on hold until Monday at the earliest. Take note! We will not be back-paying the missed days! The site did not make any sales, you did not do any surfing and no revenue was generated, thus no commissions will be paid. The expiry date of all units will however be extended by two weeks to cover the missed days. Once we are sure that all is well we will open the system back up.
Ok, thats all for now. Please go and login and reset your password.
TriDeci Admin.
At least it is good to see that our membership and DC Units are going to live two weeks longer ;)